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Umuvugangoma: protecting a more than 8 centuries cultural heritage


Key points . Umuvugangoma, a tree with a great historical and cultural significance for Burundi . Fort Barachel contributing to restoring Umuvugangoma, a tree under disappearing threat . Batimbo’s (Drummer’s) word of recognition to Fort Barachel and their partners’ contribution and what next according to them   Gishora (Gitega Province), March 1st 2023. Its 10h55 a.m. Hundreds of people are gathering on 12th National Road (Gitega-Karusi) next to the IRAZ’s (Institut des Recherches Agronomiques et Zoologiques) area. Almost everyone is holding an Umuvugangoma seedling in their hands. Local population holding Umuvugangoma seedlings, ready to plant them/photo/FortBarachel   Soon after, [...]

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Sports Event in Gihanga


On Saturday, March16, 2019, Fort Barachel organized a sportive and recreational event in Gihanga village in the Province of Bubanza, in the Rift Valley between the mountains of DRC Congo and Burundi. The main reason of organizing the event comes from our aspirations to fulfill our objectives of Initiating, enhancing and supporting local initiatives in the fields of sport, art, culture and entrepreneurship and ultimately fulfill our vision of building hearts in the Heart of Africa - Burundi. Gihanga, as many other areas has sports potential that present a lot of opportunities to people to strive and succeed in any [...]

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Gihanga Sports and Culture


Fort Barachel is organizing a Sports and cultural event in Gihanga. There will be soccer matches, basketball and Bike Road Race for girls and boys. At the end we will hold skateboard, pogo stick and BMX bike performance. There will be plenty of prizes and awards to talented individual.

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