Sports Event in Gihanga

//Sports Event in Gihanga

On Saturday, March16, 2019, Fort Barachel organized a sportive and recreational event in Gihanga village in the Province of Bubanza, in the Rift Valley between the mountains of DRC Congo and Burundi. The main reason of organizing the event comes from our aspirations to fulfill our objectives of Initiating, enhancing and supporting local initiatives in the fields of sport, art, culture and entrepreneurship and ultimately fulfill our vision of building hearts in the Heart of Africa – Burundi. Gihanga, as many other areas has sports potential that present a lot of opportunities to people to strive and succeed in any sport careers.

Fort Barachel organizes cycling

Fort Barachel organizes Road Bike Race for the Boys

We were graced with guests from the First Baptist Church Windermere who had come to spend time with us. Hundreds of people were eagerly waiting for us for the event, excited to begin the Bike Road Race and Soccer match. The people are so lovely, full of love and joy as they interacted with us with beautiful smiles and singing. We were received by Coach Felix Ndikumana and his team and after all the pleasantries; the Bike Road Race and soccer match started.

The youth were organized into two teams for the soccer match and two groups of girls and boys for the Bike Road Race which took place around the village. As the competition was happening, our team went to the basketball court to setup and assembles the ramps for the skateboards. People couldn’t help but start a pickup game of basketball on the court with all the excitement and hype.
We then were summoned to come be ambassadors for the Race and Soccer game, which Marcio and Carol quickly picked sides to cheer for, so not only was there action and a battle on the field but under the tent was a cheering battle as well!

Skateboard performance - Fort Barachel Burundi

Skateboard performance – Fort Barachel Burundi

We then got were informed that the cyclists were nearing the finish line so we hurried up to the road to the finish line. Our Fort Barachel Burundi girl was in first place, and it was so amazing to see her exciting finish.
After the cycling and football match was done, we met at the basketball playground for skateboard, bmx and pogo performance.
Awards were given out to the first 5 people in each group and speeches made by the founders of Fort Barachel Burundi, Fort Barachel Foundation, Representatives of the event organizers and team leaders.

Pogo stick Performance in Gihanga - Fort Barachel Burundi

Pogo stick Performance in Gihanga – Fort Barachel Burundi

Finally we would like to thank hugely Felix and his team who spent many hours organizing this event, for ensuring that things went as planned. Many thanks to the president of Akaranga Cyclist Club and to the secretary of Burundi Cyclist Federation, Nsengiyumva Desire. We also thank Marcio Pacheco and Carol Vereb for setting up and conducting the pogo, bmx and skateboard performance.

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