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Who we are

Fort Barachel (FB) is a non-profit organization that was created in 2016 and approved on 25/09/2017 by Ministerial Order No. 530/1387. Our heart is to see hearts changed, renewed minds and the well-being of the individual across Burundi and our surrounding nations.

  • Sports – Uplifting the talent of sports in Burundi.

  • Culture – Embracing our culture as one.

  • Entrepreneurship – Fighting to eradicate poverty.

  • Arts – Encouraging creativity.

Our Values

Building hearts in the Heart of Africa: The ideal is to restore the individual as a human in his entirety.

To respond to the needs of the population by promoting natural gifts, skills and talents in order to ban politics by the outstretched hand.

To fight against poverty and contribute to the improvement of the well-being of the Burundian population, by stimulating the spirit of initiatives and cooperation for the sustainable development in Burundi.

  • Initiate, enhance and support local initiatives in the fields of sport, art, culture and entrepreneurship.
  • Defend the values that are based on social cohesion, the culture of well-being and the full development of each individual.
  • Build capacity through training and awareness raising to promote the spirit of initiative.
  • To carry out projects whose vocation is to contribute to the learning and the improvement of the living conditions of the Burundian population.

Our commitment is to serve the communities, to encourage, and work alongside each other as we fight against poverty through local initiatives. We want to equip, and empower them with the necessary skills for their success.

Building hearts in the Heart of Africa


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