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“God is using you!”


A new school year is about to start in September. For families with children in school, especially those with lower financial means, this is a crucial period of time. The cost of sending a child to school is a huge burden. Fort Barachel came up with the idea "Back to School", an initiative to provide school materials to the needy. Chantal, Eliane, Jeannette and Patrick are among the beneficiaries of for the last edition. They share with us how the school materials came at the very time when they really needed them. Chantal: "God has his own ways of granting us [...]

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Tubeho Initiative


"TUBEHO", an initiative to promote and support women's entrepreneurial spirit Within the framework of the "TUBEHO" initiative, the FORT BARACHEL organization has been conducting, since 24 March 2021, a training-awareness campaign for women with unfavorable financial conditions. The initiative stems from FORT BARACHEL's objective to support initiatives in the entrepreneurial field. The sessions take place in the room "Le Miroir" belonging to the Lycée NGAGARA. To launch the session, Mr. Yves Franck IRAKOZE, the Director of FORT BARACHEL, based himself on the passages found in Isaiah 60 and 61 verses one and two. The message was to encourage all participants [...]

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Back to school initiative


Fort Barachel with its partners, launched a campaign called,” Back to school initiatives” to provide to more than 800 children school materials for the academic year of 2019- 2020. The students are in primary and secondary school in the communies of Vyanda, Matana and Mugamba of Bururi province and Ntahangwa and Mukaza in Bujumbura.  We also donated to the orphanage, ‘Sacre Coeur de Jesus et de Marie in Mukaza Commune. Each child received notebooks, pens and backpacks. Back to school initiative is changing the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in those impoverished rural communities.

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Sports Event in Gihanga


On Saturday, March16, 2019, Fort Barachel organized a sportive and recreational event in Gihanga village in the Province of Bubanza, in the Rift Valley between the mountains of DRC Congo and Burundi. The main reason of organizing the event comes from our aspirations to fulfill our objectives of Initiating, enhancing and supporting local initiatives in the fields of sport, art, culture and entrepreneurship and ultimately fulfill our vision of building hearts in the Heart of Africa - Burundi. Gihanga, as many other areas has sports potential that present a lot of opportunities to people to strive and succeed in any [...]

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