Project Description


The Burundian culture expresses value, knowledge, civilization and creativity.  And this is expressed in all aspects of the Burundian life, from the simple, “Amahoro,” (Peace) greeting to the traditional wedding celebrations.

Burundian culture - Fort Barachel

Traditional Burundian dance – Fort Barachel

Art and Culture must rhyme with the economy and bring Burundi to life. Fort Barachel puts forward strategies for targeting components of creativity based on culture from different provinces so that they can be discovered and their creativity displayed through their traditional clothes, sculptures, statues, musical instruments, paintings  and their crafts such as basketwork, embroidery and handbags. These strategies are meant to showcase these talented individual to the public and promote accessibility of their work. This in turn will promote creativity, economy and financial benefits for the individual gifted artist.

Fort Barachel organizes cultural events in various regions across Burundi to value the contribution of local actors and singers. We praise their strengths and opportunities so that they can rise and continue to shine and proudly represent Burundi in other nations.


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