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Back to School Initiative 2020


In our second edition of supporting school children in need, the Back-to-School Initiative 2020 has responded to the call by supporting students in Matana, Mugamba, Bururi communes in Bururi Province and Bujumbura periphery to 308 children in primary and secondary school. Fort Barachel visiting parents and school children.

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Back to school initiative


Fort Barachel with its partners, launched a campaign called,” Back to school initiatives” to provide to more than 800 children school materials for the academic year of 2019- 2020. The students are in primary and secondary school in the communies of Vyanda, Matana and Mugamba of Bururi province and Ntahangwa and Mukaza in Bujumbura.  We also donated to the orphanage, ‘Sacre Coeur de Jesus et de Marie in Mukaza Commune. Each child received notebooks, pens and backpacks. Back to school initiative is changing the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in those impoverished rural communities.

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Back To School


The Back To School (BTS) initiative helps rural, regional and remote students to engage in learning and strengthen their educational outcomes. By working through the local communities , Back to School is a practical and positive program that makes a real difference in the lives of children by providing a $10 gift vouchers from our partners, to send as many students as possible to school.

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