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//Tubeho Initiative

“TUBEHO”, an initiative to promote and support women’s entrepreneurial spirit

Within the framework of the “TUBEHO” initiative, the FORT BARACHEL organization has been conducting, since 24 March 2021, a training-awareness campaign for women with unfavorable financial conditions. The initiative stems from FORT BARACHEL’s objective to support initiatives in the entrepreneurial field. The sessions take place in the room “Le Miroir” belonging to the Lycée NGAGARA.

To launch the session, Mr. Yves Franck IRAKOZE, the Director of FORT BARACHEL, based himself on the passages found in Isaiah 60 and 61 verses one and two. The message was to encourage all participants not to continue to feel sorry for themselves. “Instead, get up, believe in a better future and work towards it. God will be your support, as long as you give Him first place in your heart,” he told them.

Some of the participants to the training/Photo/FortBarachel Burundi

God, ready to bless the work of our hands

Mrs Clarisse Dina UWAMBAZA, a woman entrepreneur, shared her testimony to show the participants that one should never despair in life. “God can change the course of your life in an instant,” she told them. Her testimony brought a glimmer of hope to the eyes and hearts of the participants. Indeed, many of them lead a miserable life, similar to the one Clarisse lived, to the point of not being able to find anything to eat or food for their offspring.

Ms Claudine, one of the participants in the training session, shared her experience, a good illustration of what the previous speakers had said. Recounting her entrepreneurial journey, she demonstrated how God had helped her to get out of the poverty situation she was in a few years earlier. Still, “seek God first and not what He can give you.” she qualified. “Besides, submit your worries to Him, work, confess positive things about the work of your hands and He will make you prosper,” she said.

Fort Barachel Country Director with some of the participants to the training/Photo/FortBarachelBurundi

An initiative to empower women

The participants showed great interest in the discussions during the training session. This was all the more encouraging given that the organization wishes to continue providing these training sessions. The objective is to provide these women with practical knowledge that will enable them to undertake income-generating activities in order to get out of the situation of poverty that they are experiencing and to reach an acceptable level of financial autonomy. And this is possible if they show the will and determination to achieve it, while trusting in God, with whom nothing is impossible.

“TUBEHO” is an initiative that falls within the framework of the fourth objective of the FORT BARACHEL organization, which is to “strengthen capacities through training and awareness-raising in order to promote the spirit of initiative”. The content of the training focuses on four themes, namely (1) Daring to be an entrepreneur, (2) Budgeting an income-generating activity, (3) Marketing and (4) Risk management. Launched in 2016, FORT BARACHEL mainly intervenes in the fields of art, culture, sports and entrepreneurship. Its vision is to “Build hearts in the heart of Africa”

“Seek God first and not what He can give you. Moreover, submit your worries to Him. Work, confess the positive on the work of your hands and He will make you prosper.” These are the words of Mrs. Claudine, one of the participants in the training sessions organized by FORT BARACHEL for women with unfavorable financial conditions.

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