Umuvugangoma: protecting a more than 8 centuries cultural heritage


Key points . Umuvugangoma, a tree with a great historical and cultural significance for Burundi . Fort Barachel contributing to restoring Umuvugangoma, a tree under disappearing threat . Batimbo’s (Drummer’s) word of recognition to Fort Barachel and their partners’ contribution and what next according to them   Gishora (Gitega Province), March 1st 2023. Its 10h55 a.m. Hundreds of people are gathering on 12th National Road (Gitega-Karusi) next to the IRAZ’s (Institut des Recherches Agronomiques et Zoologiques) area. Almost everyone is holding an Umuvugangoma seedling in their hands. Local population holding Umuvugangoma seedlings, ready to plant them/photo/FortBarachel   Soon after, [...]

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“Back to School 2022” campaign: a two-pronged approach


In Burundi, there are constant reports of children dropping out of school due to lack of school materials and poverty in their families. However, Fort Barachel's goal is to get children back to school and keep them there, even in difficult circumstances. For the past four years, Fort Barachel has been conducting a campaign called "Back to School" in September. September 2022 was no exception. This initiative consists of providing school materials to children from vulnerable families in Fort Barachel's intervention areas. Fort Barachel offered school materials in Bisoro commune, Mwaro province along 2022 Back to school campaign/Photo/FortBarachel Ezechiel de Rukeco [...]

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Turahafashe Initiative


Praise God that our #AVEC pilot "Turahafashe" from #Rukeco is progressing well. After 8 months, the members already have 1,118,785 Fbu of capital + interest on loans to members. "We are at a point of no return" hopes the Vice President of the Group. Province Ngozi

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“God is using you!”


A new school year is about to start in September. For families with children in school, especially those with lower financial means, this is a crucial period of time. The cost of sending a child to school is a huge burden. Fort Barachel came up with the idea "Back to School", an initiative to provide school materials to the needy. Chantal, Eliane, Jeannette and Patrick are among the beneficiaries of for the last edition. They share with us how the school materials came at the very time when they really needed them. Chantal: "God has his own ways of granting us [...]

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